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The front firebox door of ZP #2 seems to be in a better shape as compared to her sibling, ZP #3 standing in the front. On better days, these locomotives would've been the seats of power on the corridors of narrow gauge transportation. Another NG line in the vicinity is the Achalpur-Murtazapur-Yeotmal line, known as "Shakuntala".


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Pulgaon is a largely agricultural town in the western part of Vidharba, and the large piles of firewood keep the kitchen fires burning in homes. Its a pity that the word "fire" would now be alien to the old and forgotten locomotives captured in this digital picture :(


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Another view of the ZP pair at Pulgaon. I went berserk with the camera when I happened to stop over at this place on my way to Nagpur. The large number of iron rails stacked in the foreground are in preparation of the gauge conversion of this line. Funds seem to be scarce and motivation is low.


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The ZP shares a 4-6-2 "Pacific" wheel pattern with the YP and WP classes. However, many ZP powers have the headlamp at the top, unlike the semi-spherical WP front with the headlamp mounted in the center. The firebox door is slightly ajar in this pic of ZP #3 at Pulgaon.


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A peek into the cab of ZP #3 shows two round steel seats, and most of the equipment now missing. The corrosion on the boiler of this locomotive is most conspicuous, with holes pockmarked all over her body. Luckily, these beauties would find a good bidder to restore some coal, water and dignity!


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The cab of ZP #3 is in a better shape when compared to her mate. But she would still need lots of new iron parts, paint and care to get her back into steaming shape. Nobody cares about these neglected locomotives in the vicinity :(

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