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The front view of ZP #3 at Pulgaon. The dense vegetation by the side does not augur well for her health - she hasn't moved in a long time! The main NG station of Pulgaon has moved to the west of the older one. All traction powers on this route today are ZDM class locomotives that run north with trains for Arvi.


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This is the view of the forgotten ZP pair at Pulgaon, as seen from the Broad Gauge platform #2 of Pulgaon Junction. This station lies on the busy Bhusaval - Nagpur route and has many trains halting here for passengers bound to Arvi. There is an old Khandelwal Jain temple right outside the station.


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The rear view of ZP #2, one of the steam pair condemned to rot in the old platform of Pulgaon Jn. The powerful headlamp is necessary as the train had to run tender-first into Arvi and no turntable exists on either side. The track runs parallel to the road with no lateral separation.


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The close-up of the face of ZP #2 at Pulgaon shows two marker lamps on either side of the front firebox lid. The narrow gauge Pulgaon-Arvi line had a large number of ticketless travellers who could alight the train before the train entered the platform. On many occasions, people would travel on the locomotive!


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The firebox and boiler of ZP #2 show massive corrosion and pilferage. The firebox furnace had no door and raiders had made away with whatever iron they could lay their hands on. The kids playing close to the locomotives told us that stray dogs would sleep in the cab to avoid rain!


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The notification pencilled on the side of ZP #2 and #3 at Pulgaon marks these locomotives as "reserved", as per a June 2000 Railway Board circular attested by the Deputy Chief Mechanical Engineer of the division. This means that line staff and crew cannot write-off the locomotive and they would be auctioned off to a lucky bidder.

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