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Weather and sun have beaten these two neglected ZP class steam locomotives badly, as they stand forgotten in the unused platform of Pulgaon station in Maharashtra. These vintage locomotives were saved from the welder's torch, and the station master told us that they were soon to be auctioned off. This pic is dated mid-July 2002. Some kids playing close to ZP #2 prepare to inspect the firebox.


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ZP #3 has lost most of the metal and iron parts that were pilfered by pillagers in the dead of the night. Unfortunately, CR did not deem it necessary to stable these retired locomotives in an enclosed or secure place. My heart cries out for their fate. Excuse me while I wipe off these tears... sniff! These pictures were taken with a HP Photosmart 318 digital camera.


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The Pulgaon - Arvi route had been profiled in the book "The World's Greatest Railway Journeys" by Max Wade-Matthews (ISBN # 1-84038-480-8, Hermes House). Among the interesting photos on this route, ZP #2 in immaculate condition was shown entering Arvi station with a late morning service from Pulgaon. Now the body of ZP #2 is pockmarked and reflects abject neglect :(


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This is the new look B-class #777, that did immaculate service on the Darjeeling Hill Railway line. Major cosmetic changes were done on the National Rail Museum stock in late 2000, and the front smoke box covers were replaced on this locomotive. This beauty stands at the far end of NRM, New Delhi, facing the road overbridge.


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The placard beside this ZE-class locomotive says, "Loco No. 724 F. Built in 1921 at M/S Nesmith and Co. Manchester England. This loco was put in service - in Kurduvadi-Pandharpur section in 1923. It was subsequently transferred to Murtazapur-Yeotmal sec. in 1983. After 73 years of successful service this loco was withdrawn on 15th April 1994 while in full steam due to increasing pace of dieselisation. This loco was rested in IRICEN Pune on 23rd Dec 1995." The board in Devanagari on her front proclaims "Shakuntala", a passionate initiative is now underway to ressurect this line and preserve it.


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One B class tank locomotive #800 of NFR Darjeeling fame stands plinthed outside Lucknow Jn (BG). Lucknow would probably qualify as one of the best cities to spot plinthed locos. There's a YP #2616 outside the NER DRM's office in the city center, and a ZE class can be found at RDSO (Research, Design and Standards Organisation). Unfortunately, I missed clicking the other two :(

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