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The B class tank locomotive is one of the oldest locomotives in passenger service today. This steam power, numbered 777 did immaculate service on the Siliguri-Darjeeling section of NEFR. One of the first prototypes built by Sharp, Stewart & Co in 1889, she served upto 1952 on the 610 mm gauge mountain railway.


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Bangalore City station has this NG tanked beauty mounted outside the station, close to the road facing the bus terminal. This PL class #998 was made by Hunslet, and performed duty on the NG line from Yelahanka to Bangarpet via Chikballapur and Kolar.


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Another view of the PL-class 998 locomotive, plinthed outside Bangalore City station. Many old locomotives find their place on gardens and pedestals outside major cities and railway stations, but few people care to check the locomotive out or read her history.


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The "MTR-2" 0-4-2 tank steamer at NRM, New Delhi was originally built for the Karachi port trust in 1910, by Dick Kerr & Co, London. This beautiful locomotive with an oversize chimney also worked at the Marala Timber depot from 1917-1922 before being transferred to Dhilwan on Northern Railway (NR).


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A 4-6-2 ZP class locomotive stands plinthed outside SR's headquarters near Chennai Central station. Heavy security prevents visitors and nosey parkers like me from getting close to her, but Geoff Coward's steam survivor list mentions her as a 1954 product of Nippon, Japan. More details needed.


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A sibling of the Bangalore PL-class NG locomotive stands plinthed at SR's Chennai Central headquarters. Geoff's list mentions this as a product of Kerr Stuart, Stoke-on-Trent. More details needed.

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