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The X-class represents one the greatest triumphs of steam engineering. They work trains on the scenic Nilgiri Mountain Railway between Mettupalayam & Ooty and use a rack wheel in the central underframe to engage with a pinion rail on the mountain line. This helps the train to ascend a 1 in 12.5 gradient with ease. Two cylinders drive the the rack wheel and the locomotive works as a two cylinder simple locomotive on the easier section of the route. They are still employed on this famous line. X-class #37385 stands preserved at NRM, New Delhi.


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This FMA-class locomotive #37302 was originally built as a FM-class, and upgraded for increased coal capacity. She was used for mixed traffic on Southern Maharatta Railway with outside connecting rods and side rods. She now rests at National Rail Museum (NRM), New Delhi. Originally built by DUBS & Co, Glasgow in 1888, she had a long and illustrious service record.


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This beautiful MG power "P-31652" was built at the Ajmer shops of Rajputana Malwa Railway (RMR). She had a wheel increase to 57" for high speed passenger traffic. The 4-6-0 wheel arrangement and maroon livery give her a regal look, as she rests at NRM, New Delhi.


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Another product of the Ajmer workshops, this "M2-162" class locomotive was the only one to be built with Joy's Gear. The driving cylinders of this class were inside the body, unlike other locomotives. She had a long life - first with RMR, then Bombay Baroda & Central India (BBC&I) Railway and lastly on the WR till 1970.


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This "TJ-643" tank steam locomotive was used on the Jaipur State Railway for shunting operations. Made by W.G. Bagnall Ltd, Stafford, UK, she had a 0-6-0 wheel arrangement and was shipped to India in 1942.

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