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Crossing an MG EMU from the Grant Trunk Highway, at Meenambakkam in Chennai. I have fond memories of this place. This one time, I was startled to find a small snake, slithering through the grass on this stretch. Speeding trains disturb the peace in the lives of these mystic creatures.


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The Nellai Express to Tirunelveli accelerates out of Tambaram station and crosses a Chengalpattu-Tambaram MG EMU. With BG in full "steam" now, the MG lines would soon be uprooted to make this stretch a multi-line BG corridor. The BG EMU service now extends all the way to Kanchipuram.


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The layout to the south of Chennai Egmore was a mecca for MG trains in the late 1990s. A north-bound MG EMU to Chennai Beach crosses a south-bound Tambaram local. An unnamed MG train is being shunted in the far right line, to the washing pits. The most preferred door is the one up-front, right next to the motorman :)


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This is realization of another common railfan fantasy - two trains in the same direction, running on adjacent lines! The Nellai Express to Tirunelveli overtakes a Tambaram EMU on the adjacent line. Bad light mars further observation, but you can make out pantographs on adjacent coaches of the EMU. As my luck would have it, I managed to click the "Ladies" section of the coach!

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