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A close-look at the 25 KV AC pantograph, installed on the roof of this MG EMU motor-coach. The Madras Beach-Tambaram section was once energized with 1.5 KV DC, and the steel gantry structures are still in the English DC style. Note the huge insulator structures and the Faiveley-style pantographs.


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A packed morning service to Chennai Beach makes a halt at Nungambakkam in Chennai, May '98. Note the absence of a platform the BG EMU service. I don't know if the SR folks has convinced themselves to build BG platforms at all the stations now.


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The motorman of this MG EMU to Tambaram commenced work at 4:30 am, and he doesn't mind being photographed as the train makes a 20-second sojourn at Kodambakkam. The platform in the rear (with the "DYFI" graffitti) is for BG EMUs, that were a novelty in March '98.


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The morning sun reflects off a Tambaram-bound MG EMU at Kodambakkam. These trains don't run very fast - but the stations are closely spaced in suburban Chennai. Kodambakkam is the movie mecca in Chennai - giving the profitable Tamil movie industry a nice nickname - Kollywood.


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This hillock at the DGQA complex in Pazhavan Thangal provides an excellent backdrop to a late evening service from Tambaram to Chennai Beach. This is military territory - and the rifle range in the hills provides a constant "bang! bang!" sound. The runway at Meenambakkam airport is parallel to this line.


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The crowds on Chennai's Tambaram corridor rivals those of Mumbai, but the trains travelling south are relatively emptier. A morning local train to Tambaram pulls into Guindy station, July '98. The future of these trains are bleak, given the imminent demise of meter gauge.

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