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This is one of the excellent curves in Chennai Meter Gauge territory. The lines running north and west out of Chennai remain more or less straight, but the MG line south of Chetpat has this sweeping curve. I should've put this pic in the doors section, but I have so few pics of MG locals. The massive Loyola College borders this stretch to the east.


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The same spot as above, on a different day. The MG EMU from Tambaram to Chennai Beach accelerates out of Nungambakkam and gets crossed by an EMU in the opposite direction. Many Tamil movies have extensive coverage on these trains - with love stories like "Alai Payuthey" playing the train as Cupid.


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This pic should've been titled "find the train" :) The MG EMU to Tambaram blurs with the background in this shot on the tracks, taken between Chengalpattu and Singaperumal Koil. One of the best things about Tamil Nadu are the numerous ponds and lakes - with green vegetation all around.


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I had been to Chengalpattu in early '98, and the thing I loved about this place was the magnificient lake that the railway line skirted. An MG EMU from Chengalpattu to Tambaram accelerates towards Singaperumal Koil on this stretch. These trains continued north to Chennai Beach.


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This is my idea of a dream location :) Rail parallel to road, parallel to runway. The stretch from Meenambakkam to Thrisoolam in south Chennai runs parallel to the Grand Trunk Highway, right outside the Anna International Airport in Meenambakkam. A cute MG EMU accelerates out of Thrisoolam as it runs across the level crossing at this spot, late February '98.


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Its Meter Gauge electric territory in South Chennai; and the Nellai Express decelerates to its first stop at Tambaram. MG EMUs were the lifelines on the Chennai Beach-Tambaram corridor, and a late noon service crosses our train in this hazy picture.

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