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Renigunta offers a spectacular respite to travellers bound for Chennai, bored from the undulating, arid Telangana landscape. As the WAM/4 locomotive takes over the 6011 Mumbai Chennai Express, the train swings on a sweeping curve to the right, with some magnificient hills providing the backdrop.


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Another view south of Renigunta, as the 6011 Mumbai Chennai Express prepares to bid good-bye to AP and enter Tamil Nadu state territory. One famous station on this section is Srivenkatanarasimharajuvaripeta Halt - the longest name for an Indian station :)


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Sweeping curves call for a stabilizing cant - the slope on the track necessary to help the train take on centrifugal forces acting on it. The 6011 Mumbai Chennai Express leans as the WAM/4 at the head tackles the curve out of Renigunta in speed. Bright sunlight obscures most of the view out of the train.


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The 2621 Chennai - New Delhi Tamil Nadu Express moves from the down line to the up line (the wrong side of the two-track trunk line) south of Sewagram, as the two lines separate to join the Bhusaval - Nagpur trunk line on either side. So, for a short distance, the triangle had two bidirectional single-line arms. This was prevalent for quite some time before CR double-tracked the Ballarshah-Sewagram line completely.


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This shot is taken from the door of 2621 Tamil Nadu Express, on one of the very few occasions that the train gets to drop speed! The train enters Sewagram station and gets a chance to rub shoulders with trains on the Mumbai-Howrah corridor. I have personally clocked this train on many occasions, notching up a kilometer in 30 seconds.


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The rear-view shot of the 2621 Tamil Nadu express, forced to drop speed at Sewagram junction as the train turns east to run to Nagpur. The dead-end siding in this picture has been extended into a second line today, to tackle the large number of trains running on this route.

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