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The 6339 Mumbai Nagercoil prepares to vanish into the first tunnel of the Bhore Ghat route between Karjat and Lonavla. The WCG/2 banker locomotives at the rear seem to be bearing the entire effort of pushing the train up the 1 in 38 grade incline on this warm day in March '98.


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The lush greenery on the outskirts of Pune (the Pimpri-Chinchwad area) stands threatened by the widening tentacles of urbanisation, that's annexed most of the Mumbai-Pune route. The 6011 Mumbai Chennai Express negotiates a curve near Begdewadi, close to the Ordnance factory.


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A scissors-crossing of railway lines is a permanent way engineer's nightmare - requiring proper alignment and speed constraints. Many scissors crossing junctions involve a straight main line straddled by a diagonal cross-over, this one in the picture outside Kalyan shows two tracks curving to cut each other, taken from the 6339 Nagercoil Express.


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The 6011 Mumbai Chennai Mail decelerates to stop at the border town of Krishna in Andhra Pradesh. The mighty Krishna river lies south of the station on a long bridge, and the Raichur thermal power station smoke stacks are faintly visible in the distance. This river separates AP and Karnataka.


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A cursory glance at the dimensions of stationary DC catenary equipment gives a measure of the sheer amount of steel and cable needed to power the lines. 25 KV AC lines look a lot simpler and easier. The 6339 Nagercoil Express accelerates as it rounds the curve near Ghorawadi in Pune. The parallel power lines on the track above allows a locomotive to move from one running cable to another.


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The 2621 Chennai - New Delhi Tamil Nadu Express tackles the Vindhya range between Amla and Itarsi north of Nagpur. The two lines of the trunk route separate out and meet at the next station. Observe a red metal bridge in the distance, devouring the speeding train.

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