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The 6221 Mysore-Chennai Kaveri Express gets a WDM/2 locomotive to do the traction honors till Bangalore, giving way to a WAM/4P to take over till Chennai Central. This train pulls out of Mysore, late evening in June '98. A large number of people on the train are commuters, returning back to Mandya, Maddur and Bangalore.


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This is the rear shot of 6339 Nagercoil Express as it accelerates out of Gooty station in AP. The unmanned level crossing on the side is the bane of IR, with many tragic accidents happening at regular intervals. You could control a motor vehicle easily, but what do you do with straying cattle?


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Dharmavaram (DMM) is an important junction in AP, and has the border separating SR and SCR. The Gooty-Bangalore line runs south, and the station lies on an east-west axis for the MG line leading to Pakala and Tirupati. The 6339 Nagercoil express resumes its south run, accelerating out of the station on a blisteringly hot day in March '98. DMM is one of many station that straddle an S curve.


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The 6339 Mumbai Nagercoil Express leaves Gooty after yielding to the 2628 Karnataka Express. The sharp curve south makes the train leave the Mumbai-Chennai trunk line and join the Guntakal-Dharmavaram MG line at Kalluru. It is a good exercise to document all scheduled crossings and overtakes happening on main routes along IR.


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The 6024 Bangalore Chennai Express is a day train that had sleeper class accomodation in the late 90's, as it shared rakes with the 6007 Chennai Bangalore Mail. These days, the Lalbagh Express complements this train. East of Jolarpettai junction, the two lines separate for a considerable distance, and the green foliage in the picture negates efforts to spot the other one.


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Having spent most of my early life in Mumbai, the descent to sea-level ground from the plateaus high above gives me immense happiness :) On a frequently photographed spot in the Sahyadri mountains, the late 6012 Chennai Mumbai Express gently curves before bidding goodbye to the Bhore Ghats near Karjat.

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