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The 6011 Chennai Express ascends the Bhore Ghat with an extinct WCM/1 class locomotive. This is one of the first tunnels on the mountain route to Lonavla. Notice the casual manner in which a traveller is sitting on the entrance - a common sight on Indian trains (I do this too).


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On a dry and warm summer morning in Mar '98, a vacuum-braked 6011 Mumbai Chennai Express slows down to take the sharp turn east into Guntakal Junction. The SCR section of the Wadi-Guntakal line has been almost doubled, with only the major bridges along Krishna and Tungabhadra persisting as single-line bottle-necks. Observe the tar and grease deposits along the line.


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Dawn daylight greets the 6011 Mumbai Chennai express as it enters the outskirts of Guntakal. Now, WDM/2 diesel locomotives from Guntakal appear very frequently on the route. The 2-tier AC coach is highlighted in the picture with a thin sheet of dew over it.


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Guntakal is a large railway junction with four BG arms and one MG link to Pakala, awaiting gauge conversion. The 6010 Chennai Mumbai Mail pulls out of the station and takes the north-bound curve out on its run to Adoni. The line forks out west after the curve to head to Hospet, Hubli and Vasco Da Gama.


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The 2639 Brindavan is the most heavily (ab)used train on the Chennai-Bangalore route. An AJJ WAP1 locomotive hauls this train into Bangalore Cantt. station on the fag end of the journey. Entry into the city subjects you to sweeping curves on either side before coming to a halt at the main station.


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The first real taste of Maharashtra on the Chennai-New Delhi route is felt a little south of Sewagram (Wardha East) junction, as the 2621 Tamil Nadu Express in the picture decelerates to change over to the line on the left. The triangle at this layout has two single-line arms - heading out to Wardha and Sewagram.

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