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This spectacular door pic was taken as the 1014 Coimbatore-Kurla (LTT) Express negotiated the sharp byepass to meet the Chennai-Mumbai line before Gooty. All 18 coaches of the train and the KJM WDM2 at the front can be seen.


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On a hot summer afternoon, the 1014 Kurla Express screeches downhill on the last curve of the Khandala-Karjat hill section. Ever since the WCAM3 locomotives took over the CR Mumbai section, its not uncommon to see most trains reaching Mumbai pretty early against the scheduled time.


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Another pic of the same 1014 Kurla Express as it leaves the MG route from Dharmavaram to Guntakal at Kalluru and executes a detour eastwards to meet the Chennai-Mumbai BG trunk at Gooty. The green vegetation in these parts can be attributed to Penner river that cuts the line on a long bridge.


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Kalyan Junction in the outskirts of Mumbai can be regarded as one of the most important stations in the division, with two loco sheds - diesel and electric. The 6011 Chennai Express makes light of the curve that heads southwards out of Kalyan Junction. The old-style DC catenary steel supports would soon be relegated to history :-(


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A bright day greets the 6339 Mumbai Nagercoil Express on the climb towards Bangalore. The route after Gauribidanur southwards is picturesque, with a couple of long wide curves on the left. This train doesn't actually touch Bangalore, but skirts the city on the east, calling in at Krishnarajapuram (KJM). There are some parts in this section where the old MG line structures can be spotted.


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Its a medley of colors on the coaches of 2616 New Delhi-Chennai Grand Trunk (GT) Express, as the train negotiates the sharp byepass curve out of Sewagram (SEGM) station in Vidharba, Maharashtra. The train's run is commendable, given the large number of halts. The driver of the WAP4 loco was kind enough to let me footplate from Ballarshah (BPQ) to Mancheral.

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