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Real DMUs and center-coupled WDM2 trains.
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The Chennai-Tirupati Sapthagiri express has a competitor in the fixed-trainset sweepstakes; the 9303 Indore-Bhopal Intercity Express, that's actually a WDM/2-powered DMU. A short stretch from Indore to Ujjain is unelectrified, justifying diesel haulage. On this day in Bhopal station, this DMU train was hauled by an outsider ET WDM2, with the dedicated power at the center running dead. Note the cab outlining - quite radical!


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The 9303 Indore-Bhopal Intercity express has a WDM2 in the center, that is controlled remotely from the cabs at either end. On this particular day, she ran dead - caught in this serendipitous shot from the 1058 Amritsar-Dadar Express pulling out of Bhopal station.


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The rear end of the funny 9303 Indore-Bhopal Intercity Express at Bhopal. This one has cabs carved out at the ends aero-dynamically, unlike the flat-faced loco-hauled DMUs that inhabit other parts of the country. This train has normal AC chair cars and regular 2S accomodation in a fixed-train formation.


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The Bangalore-Tumkur corridor links most parts of Karnataka state to the state capital, and this single unelectrified line is a great place to spot diesel-hauled trains. The evening Bangalore-Tumkur passenger is a DMU, with a KJM WDM2 powering the train somewhere in the middle of the consist. It makes a stop at Malleswaram in Bangalore - the matching livery is a bonus attraction to spot this one!


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Diva Juntion has six offshoots - but seems unimportant, given the fact that it has no stopping express trains. It is the starting point for the Diva-Vasai trains that serve to bridge the east-west link across Mumbai's northern suburbs. These trains are WDM2-powered DMUs that serve the important textile town of Bhiwandi on this line. One afternoon service waits at Diva, bound for Vasai Road.

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