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The layout between Sion and Kurla in Mumbai is complex, with the harbour line joining the main-line at Kurla station. This is the point-work that lets trains on the main line move to the harbour ones. The 6339 Mumbai Nagercoil Express overtakes a slow local bound for Vashi in Navi Mumbai.


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EMU generations have undergone many changes through their evolution along Mumbai's arterial rail corridors. A slow local to Dombivli makes a halt at Sion station in early 2001. This rake-set with first coach #521 sports a "Chopper Coach" caption - where the circuit and speed control is governed by semiconductor devices called choppers. The motor coaches of this train emit a humming sound, unlike older train-sets.


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A weekend evening fast local streaks through Sion, Mumbai in Jan 2001. This station is among the earliest ones built on the GIPR line by the British between Bombay V.T. and Thana in 1853. Sion is perhaps the only one on CR Mumbai with all four platforms and no stopping fast trains. It's ideal for trainspotting with no interference from ticket-checking staff.


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A unique 4-coach EMU (#401) stands in tricolor livery at the CR Matunga sidings near Dadar, Mumbai. This train has no windows, and is used for maintenance tasks on CR's suburban routes, like carrying replaced sleepers. You can observe the lack of MU connectors on the front, and no numbers on the window shields. Standing beside this train are the double-decker coaches that do duty on Pune-Daund-Baramati shuttles. They would soon be fitted with air brakes at the Matunga carriage works.


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Mumbai has an amazing transport system that ferries an estimated 5.5 million commuters daily - 50% of IR's customers. The local trains are archaic 1.5 KV DC EMUs that were once made my Jessop before being adapted by ICF, Chennai. A newer EMU pulls into Matunga station as the 6339 Nagercoil Express crosses it on the fast down line.


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As the 6339 Nagercoil Express ascends the Bhore Ghat on its way to Lonavla, a Khopoli local train snakes its way in a small blur in the foothills below. The local makes a halt on Palasdhari before turning away from the main line. This is the only single-line section on Mumbai's EMU network.

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