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Picture Credit: Sheshadri Krishnamurthy


On a trip to see the Titwala Ganesh mandir north of Kalyan, my brother was armed with his friend's digital camera and ready for action :) He managed to freeze the speeding 2142 Patna-LTT superfast express on a sweeping curve near Khardi. Note the vacuum-brake lineage of the last coach of the train!


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This yellow-green livery has remained unique to the Chennai-Tirupati Sapthagiri Express, a one-of-a-kind fixed trainset for short commuter traffic. This train crosses a Arrakkonam bound EMU at Thiruvallur near Chennai. Observe the yellow zig-zag line at the bottom, a legacy inherited by the new Jan Shatabdi trainsets.


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The 1081 Mumbai CST - CAPE Kanyakumari Express is one of the most in-demand trains when it comes to reservation and waiting lists. This train crosses the 6010 Chennai-Mumbai Mail between Guntakal and Adoni in AP, late March '98. The characteristic maroon color on the coaches have been replaced with the navy-sky blue combo that denotes air-braked stock. This is vintage vacuum-brake era.


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This is the 602 Matheran-Neral NG Passenger, crossing the speeding 1021 Mumbai-Pune Indrayani Express, between Neral and Bhivpuri Road on the Mumbai-Karjat trunk. The narrow gauge line climbs on a scenic route to Matheran on the Sahyadri range - that is an excellent spot to spend a monsoon weekend. Steam traction is all set to make a comeback on this line.


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One of the surprises that serendipity hands to you on a crossing event is the Rajdhani Express on diesel single-line territory. The 2430 Nizamuddin-Bangalore Superfast gets obvious priority over the puny 6010 Mumbai Mail at Marichetal.

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