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WP #7015 stands modestly, getting ready for her swan-song run from Mumbai to Thane to commemorate 150 years of Indian Railways. The last run of this heritage special train was on June 16, 2002. Shortly after this, she would accompany WP 7161 to run special trains in Chennai and Kolkata. This pic is taken with the HP photosmart 318 digital camera. I was lucky to reach India in time for the last run.


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A close up of WP 7015, another one of IR's preserved steam locomotives that is now a star performer on heritage runs. These 4-6-2 powers hauled trains out of Mumbai CST many years ago, and a sense of deja-vu is evident in this recent pic, dated June 16th 2002. The steaming of the locomotive is for our delight!


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The last heritage train out of Mumbai CST gets ready for its act. WP #7015 is steamed by the crew who can't believe they're on a fire-breathing monster who seems to know her act right. The people gathered at the station could never have imagined life without steam locomotives :(


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This is a BESA design locomotive built for heavy passenger services. This design became the standard mail engine employed on IR. Initially classified as HP class, the classification was changed to HPS when a superheated version was developed. Built by Vulcan Foundry Ltd, UK in 1950, this locomotive has a 4-6-0 wheel arrangement, and ranks among the star exhibits at NRM, New Delhi.


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The Garratts are the heaviest and the most powerful steam locomotive ever used on IR. Weighing a gigantic 235 tonnes, these 4 cylinder articulated steam locomotives were utilised mainly to haul heavy mineral and iron ore traffic on the Bengal Nagpur Railway and later on the SER. Surprisingly, these locomotives could work on lighter rails as the total weight got distributed over a large number of wheels. One juggernaut of this tribe stands proudly at NRM, New Delhi. Built by Beyer Peacock, Manchester in 1930, this one has a 4-8-0 + 0-8-4 wheel configuration.


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This is the legendary WP 7161 (sans make-up), IR's 4-6-2 movie star that gets long footage in period movies. Originally from Saharanpur, she made it out to BAMY diesel shed in Khar Mumbai in Feb 2000, and had actor Sunny Deol steam her up in 2001's blockbuster flick, "Gadar". This shot is taken in Feb 2001, when she had taken a short time-out in NRM, New Delhi. One of her other assignments was hauling the 150th anniversary special from Mumbai CST to Thane on 16th April 2002.

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