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One coach inside the Avadi EMU shed of Southern Railway Chennai division is anointed with the "Raja Rani" tag and stands hidden behind the front of an AC EMU. Most of the stock in Chennai is of ICF Perambur lineage and all these trains love to traipse on home ground.


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A couple of AC EMUs rest within the confines of the EMU Car Shed in Avadi, west of Chennai. The local on the run is not that fortunate, travelling near-empty to Chennai Central. Local trains in Chennai run packed on the Beach-Tambaram corridor, but the MRT elevated branch finds few takers :(


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MEMUs are the new star on IR's horizon for short distance travel - they are easy to maneuver and have no headaches of coupling locomotives. An evening service out of Hazrat Nizamuddin enters platform #1 of the station. The platform is eeriely empty!


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The peak hour services out of the stations in New Delhi have a decent patronage. This unnamed MEMU waits for passengers on a weekend evening in Hazrat Nizamuddin. Note the two central doors, closely spaced together. Unfortunately, these MEMUs have no toilets.


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This is a newly manufactured MEMU - Main-line EMU, built by ICF, Chennai to work off the 25 KV AC catenary that has become ubiquitous on most trunk routes. I managed to ambush this train on a spotting mission in Villivakkam yard but was caught by an RPF constable who wanted to know if I was a press guy :)

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