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16 Apr. 1853 - 16 Apr. 2002

***India's lifeline***INDIAN RAILWAYS: A microcosm of the real India******India's lifeline***INDIAN RAILWAYS: A microcosm of the real India***

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Hello, and greetings from warm, sunny Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

This is the index to my web pages about a fascinating subject: the Indian Railways. I have also put up some pages about Photography, pictures from my Travels around the globe, and a page about my dentist brother's dental clinic in the Western Indian city of Poona (Pune).

But first, Indian Railways. The charismatic Indian Railways have an ardent and faithful fan following not only amongst Indians but also amongst thousands of admirers and friends from all corners of the globe. Most, in all probability, took to the IR in search of steam, but have stayed on steadfastly nonetheless, even after the tragic demise of this mode of traction all from all over the IR.

All of my pages which follow have tried to record this charismatic and fascination angle to the extent possible.

The pages are primarily photographic in content, with very little text, for I am a firm believer in the adage that a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Most photographs have been taken by me, but a project of this magnitude cannot possibly be built entirely upon my photographic escapades. I have been enthusiastically supported by several friends and co-members of the irfca. Some material has also come from newspapers and magazines. Material from such sources has been suitably acknowledged.

Also included are links to several pages whose webmasters I have been closely involved with, or whose pages I have built for them, as well as some pages which provide a lot of useful and additional information about the Indian Railways.

As an added bonus, you fill find one page each about the railways in Pakistan and Bangladesh, India's two immediate neighbors. Parts of these railways were once in India (before partition in 1947), notably North Western Railway, East Bengal Railway etc.

All these pages are subject to constant updating, upgradation, change, refurbishment and revision, so be sure to check back often.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you will find your visit worthwhile.

With all my best wishes . Enjoy!

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NOTICE: Some of the pages on this index page are in the process of being moved to the new irfca server. These pages may therefore report a dead link or the dreaded 404 File Not Found message. Rest assured, I'm the unhappiest person when any of my pages are offline or are reported dead. I am working overtime to restore all the links as soon as possible. In the meantime, please accept my apologies for any disappointment or inconvenience caused due to the dead links. Please bear with me for some more time: all the dead pages will be up and running very soon. Best  regards: S. Shankar

1. My pages about the Indian Railways:

1. Indian Railways: 150 Years and Getting Younger!! webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

Here are some pictures from my trip to India in March/April 2002. Notwithstanding a very restricted diet of trainspotting due to a major family function and other social commitments, I was lucky to witness the Heritage Steam Run between Bombay VT and Thana on 16 April 2002. (First Launched: APR.2002)

The history and origins of some of the most famous and best known trains in India. Discover the aura and mystery of trains like the Frontier Mail, Deccan Queen, Flying Mail, Punjab Mail and many more. (First Launched: JAN.2002)

2. Classic Trains of India ! 5096.gif (239 bytes)


3. Superlinks !

The most comprehensive collection of I.R. links on the planet. Usually updated monthly. This page was compiled in collaboration with Apurva Bahadur and Vijay Balasubramanian. (First Launched: OCT. 1999)

A glowing tribute to a virtual icon for the IR in the eyes of the world: the majestic, bullet nosed WP class of steam locomotives. These magnificent beasts are gone, but by no means dead. (First Launched: AUG. 1999)

4. WP Glory webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) !

5. a.c. unleashed!!! webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

A roundup of the a. c. electric locomotives of the Indian Railway: past, present and the future. (First Launched: AUG. 1999).

A textual site which tells it all about photography on the Indian Railways. Included are tips and ticks and other advice. A printer-friendly version is also included. (First Launched: MAR.2001)

6.  A Railfan's Guide to Photography on the Indian Railways !

Also check out: Tips for photographing Trains in India

7. Indian YDM/4 Locos & Stock in Tanzania webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

Indian Locomotives and Stock in far away Tanzania. Amazing, but true. All pics by Andrew Jones. The content of this website have been made available by courtesy Andrew Jones and Phil Wormald of the World Diesel Loco mailing list.) (First Launched:DEC.2001)

Submit your IR photograph to this site, and contribute towards building a massive IR picture database. Pictures are changed weekly. Only pictures of the Indian Railways are accepted: open to all railfans worldwide, even to non-irfca members. (First Launched: SEP.2000).

8. Showcase webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

9. Chasing Trains in the New Millenium webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

A photographic roundup of trains in India in July 2000. Areas covered are Poona/Bombay, Mysore/Bangalore and Madras. WARNING: THIS SITE IS A SLOW LOADER. (First Launched: JULY 2000).

A collection of photographs from the railways in Pakistan: past and present. Site has considerable historical content, and is updated whenever pictures become available. (First Launched: AUG. 1999)

10. neighbors: the railways in pakistan webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) !

11. amar shonaar bangla (bangladesh railways) webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) !

A peek into the railways in Bangladesh. Info. very limited. (First Launched: AUG.1999)

A look at the d.c. electric engines of the Indian Railways, almost all of which have been retired. Page has considerable historical content. Also includes the latest dc/ac bi-current engines. (First Launched: SEP. 1999).

12. d.c. mania webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) 5096.gif (239 bytes)

13. Diesel Fiesta webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

A look at the diesel locomotives and diesel multiple units used on the Indian Railways: past, present and the future. (First Launched: AUG. 1999)

A selection of my sidetracked or rejected images of the IR from 1980 to 2001. No great photography, but a terrific potpouri of the Indian rail scene spread over a two decade time scale. (First Launched: JULY 2001).

14. Selected Seconds webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

15. National Rail Museum, New Delhi   webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) ! 5096.gif (239 bytes)

A detailed look at this fascinating railway museum situated in the Indian capital city New Delhi. WARNING: THIS IS A HUGE SITE & A SLOW LOADER, AND WILL REQUIRE LEAST TWO SITTINGS. (First Launched: MAR.2000)
A detailed look at this decreipt and run down regional railway museum situated in India's sandalwood capital Mysore. (First Launched: FEB. 2001).

16. Mysore Rail Museum, Mysore webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) ! 5096.gif (239 bytes)

 17. Indian Super Railway webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

A selection of photographs from the railways in India, classified as steam, diesel, electric & misc. WARNING: This is a large site,do not open if you are in a hurry.(First Launched: SEPT. 1999)
A tribute to the much abused and largely ignored e.m.u. (electrical multiple unit) trainsets which quietly go about their duties carriying the masses in the inhuman megapolises. Site has some historic content. (First Launched:SEP.1999)

18. e.m.u. enigma webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) 5096.gif (239 bytes)

19. B.P.T. Railway webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) 5096.gif (239 bytes)

A poignant photo essay about the once grand Bombay Port Trust (B.P.T.) Railway, now gone to seed and in an advanced state of disintegration. NOT FOR THOSE WITH WEAK HEARTS.WARNING: THIS SITE IS A SLOW LOADER (First Launched: JUL.2000)
If you thought steam locomotives were dull, drab machines with white lettering to boot, think again. Steam was actually quite colorful, and each zone or region on the IR had its own color scheme. This page is part of my superrailway site. (First Launched: DEC.2000)

20. steam locomotive tender liveries !

Site Temporarily Closed    21. BB & CIR  (Bombay, Baroda & Central India Railway) webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) 5096.gif (239 bytes)

A jog down memory lane. An almost totally monochrome site (except graphics) about the Bombay,Baroda & Central India Rly.,forerunner to the present WR. Historical site. WARNING: THIS SITE IS A SLOW LOADER (First Launched: OCT.1999)
A made-for-a-specific-purpose document, showing a map and some statistics about the suburban railways in the Bombay area. (First Launched:SEP.1999)

Site Temporarily Closed 22. bombay suburban !

23. IR: a slice of history webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) 5096.gif (239 bytes)

On the glorious occasion of the 150th Anniv. of the IR, lets take a jog down memory lane. This is an almost totally monochrome site featuring several historical scenes from the IR. Some real gems in here. A treat for sentimentalists.(First Launched: SEPT. 2002).


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16 Apr. 1853 - 16 Apr. 2002


1. The IRFCA Server

Webmaster: SATISH PAI Home Page of the IRFCA. Stop here for an inimitable collection of IR related pages. If you are an IRFCA member, sign up here for free webspace to host your IR related pictures.

Webmaster: SATISH PAI  Terrific initiation to the IR. Your one stop shop to find answers to your most common queries about India's Railways. A blizzard of IR information under one roof, extensively researched, and 100% authentic.

 2.   Indian Railways FAQ  !!

Also check out: IR Resources on the Web

3. Apurva Bahadur's Pages webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) audio.gif (64 bytes) !

Webmaster: APURVA BAHADUR  Lots of stuff here from the IRFCA's most active member. A must for fans of Indian Alcos and Indian steam.

Webmaster/Site Owner: JOHN LACEY  Delightful pages by JOHN LACEY emphasizing on Indian steam but also venturing into the very latest on the IR. Also features ancient ships in action from the Sydney Maritime Museum.

4. John Lacey's IR & Australian Steam Pages webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

5. Jay Balakrishna's IR Videos webstriptease_video.gif (92 bytes) webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

Webmaster: JAY BALAKRISHNA Lots oF LIVE action. Jay's videos of the IR have you coming back for more, and more and more. 100% satisfaction guaranteed, or your money back. Nice pictures too.

Webmaster: SHASHANKA NANDA An irfca first: Shashanka has put together some nice IR screensavers on his 'stormcatcher' website. Also featured are several nice pictures of diesels and electrics in action all over the IR.

6. Stormcatcher: IR Screensavers and Pictures webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

7 - 10. [Go-Go-Godhra] webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) [India Rail Trip Notes 1983] webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) [Steam Hot Spots: Goa] webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) [NWR Family Website] ! 5096.gif (239 bytes)

Terry's Pages on my websites: [WP Glory] webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) [Pakistan Steam] webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) [Pakistan Railway Atmosphere] webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

Site Owner: TERRY CASE (S.SHANKAR for contributed pages)  Terry Case takes a nostalgic look at steam in India in the the 1980s. : in Goa (notably YD class) in the first instance. Also included are Terry's contribution to my own websites: a superb enhancement to my sites indeed!

Site Owner: VIRAF MULLA Viraf Mulla records a soon to become history event in Bombay's backyard: the switch from d.c. to a.c. and vice versa while on the run at Virar, 60 km from the megapolis. Also features are pictures of the a.c./d.c. e.m.u. trial rake. (May 2001).

11. The Neutral Zone ! webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

12. Love Those Indian Alcos!! ! webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

Site Owner: JOYDEEP DUTTA  Joydeep gets all emotional about the now discontinued, but still abundant WDM/2 Alcos. Site also shows variants of this versatile machine.  WARNING: THIS SITE IS A SLOW LOADER

Site Owner: SUNDAR KRISHNAMURTHY Although super railnut Sundar Krishnamurthy has several of his own pages to his credit, this particular one was spun by me.

13. Sundar's Rail World webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

14. Indian Steam Relics: A Fireman's Perspective ! webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes) 5096.gif (239 bytes)

Site Owner: HAL HUGHES Memoirs of Hal Hughes, Fireman Grade A from Shaharanpur. A fascinating account of how it was to fire those steam engines of yesteryear, notable the EM class. MORE SECTIONS COMING SOON

Webmaster/Site Owner: New: HARSH VARDHAN/BHARAT VOHRA, Old: SATISH PAI The official website of India's first steam rail preservation socitey. The Friends of the National Rail Museum (FNRM) is now also part of this society.

15. Indian Steam Railway Society (click here to see their older website) ! webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

16. I.S.A.'s Indian Railway Titbits webstriptease_photos.gif (101 bytes)

Site Owner: I.S.Anand  Welcome to the veritable treasure trove that is I.S.Anand. With his unparalled lust for chasing Indian trains, I.S.A. has found entry into some of the most difficult and closely guarded bastions of the Indian Railways.

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2. My pages on Photography:


SLR Photo Group

My own pages:

Expressions Sunsets & Night Photography

3. Pages of Travel Pictures from my travels across the globe:


My own pages:

Hong Kong Bangkok

Kuala Lumpur


Oman coming soon

Oz: Melbourne/Vic

Oz: Sydney/NSW

4. Smileaid: webpage of my dentist brother's clinic in Poona (Pune) in Western India


Webpage of my dentist brother's clinic in Poona (Pune) in Western India


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