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IRFCA started as a mailing list but today, not only is it a lively and active electronic discussion forum, but the railfans associated with IRFCA form a vibrant community and do more than just exchange e-mail. Members of the IRFCA mailing list in a particular region may also meet in person to go railfanning at local train stations or on longer trips (by train, hiking, etc.), or sometimes just to chat about trains or watch videos, etc. Members also gather yearly for conventions! Some members are involved in restoration efforts and heritage preservation activities with Indian Railways.

Members' Pages

Many members of the community maintain their own websites. Typically these contain trip reports, photos, videos etc;

Here's a partial listing of such sites. Some of these are maintained on the IRFCA Server, while others are on third-party sites like Flickr, YouTube, Vimeo, FotoPic etc; Filter for the type of web pages you are interested in:

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Various IRFCA members and other railfans

Rajendra Aklekar


I S Anand

Vijay Aravamudhan

Nikhil Arora

Apurva Bahadur

Jay Balakrishna

Ajai Banerjee

Pal Bappa


Ankit Bharaj

Paul Bigland

Vivian Boye

Vikas Chander and friends

Mrinal Das

Karan Desai

Don Dickens

Harshu Dinesh

Zubin Dotivala

Siddhartha Ganesh

Abhishek Gopal

Karthik Gopalan

Akshay Gupta

Aseem Johri

Jimmy Jose

Shrinivas Joshi

Roni Kappel

M V Karthik

'KBP' (K Bhanu Prakash)

Arzan Kotval

Sundar Krishnamurthy

Vimal Kumar

John Lacey

Akshay Marathe

Dr Shirish Yande

Sarosh Mehta


Shashanka Nanda

Samit Roychoudhury

Karthik Nagarajan

Viraf Mulla

Manohar Natarajan

Alok Patel

Nikhil Patil

Nishant Pundir

Ranjit Pendse

C G Raghuram

Vrijilesh Rai

Ranjeet Ramaswamy

S Ramesh

Aravind S

M S M Saifullah


Binai Sankar

Rajendra Saxena

Saugata Sengupta

M Senthil Kumar

S Shankar

Sridhar Shankar

Sriram S

Sriskandh S

Suki Sheikh

Deep Soni

Sandeep Sridharan


Prakash Tendulkar

Lakshman Thodla

Swaran Udasin

Poochi Venkat

S Venkataraman

Mani Vijay (Vijay Balasubramanian)

Annual Conventions

IRFCA members also meet once a year for the "IRFCA Convention". These conventions are a good way to meet new members, participate in discussions, give presentations and exchange notes about IR.

In addition to the web sites set up for the conventions (shown in the list below), photographs from the convention are available in the IRFCA gallery.

Presentations from some of the IRFCA conventions are available here.

Mailing List Archive

E-mail messages posted to the IRFCA mailing list from the early years are available on this website at the mailing list archive. Later messages (from late 1999 to late 2010) can be found at Yahoo Groups. The most recent messages are on the IRFCA forum. is not responsible for the content of external sites mentioned above, which are independently operated by their respective site owners.
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