Sheds and Workshops

Locomotive Sheds

Q. How can I tell which home shed a loco belongs to?

Home sheds for locos are often, but not always, indicated somewhere on the loco itself. For instance, the station code of the home shed may be painted on the side of the loco, or the full name of the shed may appear on the front. Some sheds have elaborate logos, whereas others may just bear stylized renditions of the shed names. Logos often appear on the front, but are sometimes on the sides of locos (e.g., Erode, Lallaguda, Vadodara). Some sheds don't use any logos, e.g., Santragachhi, Mughalsarai. Station codes often appear near the buffers on one side. For many sheds (e.g., Howrah, Kanpur, Mughalsarai) the shed station code appears in Roman letters on one side and the full name of the shed in Devanagari on the other.

Many Pune shed locomotives, esp. diesel, bear a navy blue disc shaped logo up front with the full name 'Pune' painted thereon, in the local language Marathi. Erode has a flying deer logo. Itarsi based engines also have the 'Itarsi' displayed in full. Baroda locos have 'BRC' painted on with to-and-fro arrows above and below it. Some flat-faced steam locos used to have station codes of their sheds painted (sometimes in a stylized manner) at the centre of the face of the loco, e.g., Baripada (BPO) and Nainpur (NIR) locos (ZD's, ZE's).

However, not all locos have home shed indications. Many CR locos have no indication of their home sheds. Golden Rock locos are often unmarked when on test runs or after being rebuilt (major overhauls).

Q. Where are the loco sheds, workshops, and trip sheds?

Given below are some of the more important loco sheds.

Western Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
RatlamDieselWDS-6, WDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM3-D, WDG-4Formerly home for the double-headed diesel-hauled Rajdhanis' locos. Started receiving EMD locos from 7/13. Locos mostly serve on routes in Gujarat and down Konkan Railway.
Vatwa (for Ahmedabad)DieselWDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDS-4, WDS-6Homes locos for the Swarna Jayanthi Rajdhani Express. Locos handle bulk of the freight in Kutch, Saurashtra and Southern Rajasthan regions.
GandhidhamDieselWDS-4, WDS-6Westernmost shed. Used to have a large fleet of YDM-4's but they have been transferred/ scrapped. This shed used to have MG (YDM-1) locos and later, when YDM-1's were phased out. Now homes locos for shunting duties for Kandla Port traffic.
Sabarmati (for Ahmedabad)Diesel (MG), now Diesel (BG) (had a steam shed too)YDM-4, WDG-4One of the last remaining major MG loco sheds. Nine YDM-4 locos from here have been sold to Togorail SA and shipped to Togo. EMD shed setup alongside in 2009. Holds 125+ WDG4s 9/13
MhowDiesel, MGYDM-4As many as 40 YDM-4s were transferred from other MG sheds to restart Mhow. Locos now service the isolated MG section from Akola to Indore. Was a steam shed till the early 90s.
ValsadElectricWCAM-1, WAG-5, WAG-7Shed created in the 1970s specifically to home dual-power locos, but now holds more than 50 WAG-5 class locomotives. Post AC conversion of WR, WCAM2 fleet transferred to CR/KYN. WCAM1s being slowly condemned. Started receiving WAG7s in 2013.
VadodaraElectricWAM-4, WAP-4, WAG-5, WAP-5Used to hold WCAM1 locos till the early 1990s and WAP1s for a short while as well. Started receiving WAP5s from 2012.
VadodaraElectric - MEMUMEMU unitsClose to the main Vadodara electric shed, provides for services towards Ahmedabad and Surat.
Bandra Marshalling Yard (BAMY)AC/DC trip shedWCAMx locosOfficially known as Electric Loco Shed, BAMY, Khar Road
Bandra Marshalling Yard (BAMY)DieselWDS-4, WDS-6First shed in WR to hold ALCO locos which serviced premier trains from Bombay in late 60s. Later converted to shunting duties only, now holds only WDS4s with WDS6s being added 2013 onwards.
Mumbai CentralTrip shed for visiting locos
Mumbai CentralCar shed for WR EMUs (Distinct from the Mahalaxmi car shed - this page erroneously claimed they were a single facility earlier.)
KandivaliCar shed for WR EMUs WR's dual-power AC-DC EMUs are homed and maintained here.
VirarCar shed for WR EMUsThe largest EMU car shed in India. Commissioned in 2013.
PratapnagarNG DieselZDM-5Does most of the POH / maintenance on its own locos, however sometimes locos are sent to Motibagh.
JetalsarMG DieselYDM-4"Sub-shed" of Sabarmati but handles all primary maintenance of locos that operate in isolated MG pockets of Saurashtra (Veraval, Wansjaliya, Delvada etc;). Locos are marked "Sabarmati".
WR Workshops
Lower ParelPeriodic overhaul of BG coaches.
MahalaxmiPeriodic overhaul of EMU, traction motor rebuilds. More recently, [4/00] EMU conversion to AC/DC. Used to house the air-conditioned EMU coaches? Only one coach with an AC section there now [9/04].
AjmerLoco workshop (MG diesel) and a carriage and wagon workshop (BG/MG).
DahodBG electric locomotive workshop; POH for WAM-4/WAG-5 locos. Formerly WR mechanical workshop and also a BG steam POH workshop. Carries out rebuilding of WAM4 / WAG5 locos with advanced features like Dynamic Brakes, Microprocessor Control, Static Converters etc. Currently carrying out "TAO-chi" conversion of WAP1 locos.
PratapnagarMaintenance of BG and NG wagons/coaches, and BG oil tanker wagons.
BhavnagarMG passenger coach maintenance
JunagadhMG wagon maintenance
Mumbai CentralCoaching depot
KandivaliAC-DC EMU carshed

North Western Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Bhagat ki Kothi (for Jodhpur)BG Diesel (was MG)WDG-4, WDP-4Former MG shed converted to BG in the 1990s. Homed WDM2, WDM3A and WDG3A locos. Started receiving EMD locos from 2009. Now (2013) entire ALCO fleet has been transferred leaving the shed with 133+ EMD locos.
Abu RoadDieselWDM-2, WDM-3AFormerly premier shed for YDM-4s (MG); converted to BG in the 1990s. Home to some of the most distinctly liveried locomotives. Holds 85+ locos (9/13)
PhuleraDiesel (MG)YDM-4/4AWith the shed now being isolated completely from MG lines, its locos are now mostly serviced at satellite sheds. Current holding 25 locos (9/13).
NWR Workshops
AjmerOpened in 1876 it is one of India's premier workshops. Loco workshop (MG diesel) and a carriage and wagon workshop (BG/MG). BG C&W Workshop maintains the Palace on Wheels rake. Also performs POH of MG locos, DHMUs, Railbuses and other rolling stock.
Bikaner (Lalgarh)Commissioned in 1926. POH of MG coaches and wagons.
JodhpurEstablished in 1986, it was formerly an MG workshop. Currently performs POH of BG passenger coaches.

Central Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Kurla (for Mumbai)DieselWDS-4, WDS-6, WDM-2SHad WDS-2 shunters earlier. Now holds de-rated WDM2 locos for shunting / departmental duties as well.
Kurla / LTTDC, AC-DC trip shed Located near Vidyavihar. Mainly serves trains from LTT.
Kalyan (for Mumbai)DieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDG-4Locos usually marked "KYN", or the name Kalyan in Devanagari. Mostly old WDM-2 (180XX), the second WDM-2 imported from ALCo. (18041) is here.
Kalyan (for Mumbai)Electric (AC, DC and AC-DC)WCG-2, WCAM-2, WCAM-3, WCAG-1, WAG-5, WAG-7, WAG-9, WCM-6Kalyan had WCM-1, WCM-2, WCM-5 locos until the mid-1990s which have been decommissioned. WAG-5 and WAG-7 added to handle banking duties on the Kasara-Igatpuri AC section. The two WCM-6s have now been converted to pure AC and transferred back from Bhusaval. Started receiving WAG-9s in 2013.
CSTM (for Mumbai)DC, AC-DC loco trip shed
PuneDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDG-4Locos usually marked with "Pune" in Devanagari script. Shed now homes 175+ locos with 40+ WDG-4s as well (9/13)
PuneTrip ShedsWCG-2, WCAM-3, WCAG-1WCM-1, WCM-2, WCM-5 locos until the mid-1990s, now these have been decommissioned. Performs light maintenance for WR WCAM-1/WCAM-2 locos in addition to the CR AC-DC locos. One trip for WDS-4 shunters and another for Pune-Lonavla EMUs.
BhusawalElectricWAM-4, WAP-4, WAG-5Bhusawal used to be the largest steam shed (after WWII). Had WAP-1 locos, as well as the rare Mitsubishi WAG-2's. The WAP-1 locos were eventually transferred to Ghaziabad. Received WAP-4 locos in 2005 and WAG-7 in 2006. [11/07] Jhansi's entire fleet of WAP-4's were transferred here. 180+ locos (9/13)
IgatpuriElectric trip shed Separate sheds for AC locos and AC/DC locos.
Ajni (for Nagpur)Electric shed, diesel trip shedWAG-7, WAG-9, WAG-9I, WAP-7Used be a steam shed. Electric shed also homed WAM-4 locos till early 21st century. Primarily freight shed with large fleet (190 locos). Received WAP7 locos in 2011 for passenger duties as well.
MurtazapurNG dieselZDM-4 (#213), ZDM-5 (#515, #516)Maintains locos for the famous "Shankuntala" route. About 80km from Badnera on the Bhusawal - Nagpur line.
NeralNG diesel and SteamNDM-1 (2), NDM-6 (5), and one ex-DHR B-class steam locoThe DHR B class is being used for steam trials on the Neral-Matheran line [2002]. POH of locos done at Parel.
KurduwadiNG dieselZDM-4Locos used to service the famed Barsi Light Railway (Miraj-Latur). Closed down after gauge conversion of the NG section.
SanpadaEMU carshed for Harbour Line
Kalwa (near Thane)EMU carshed
KurlaEMU carshed
Wadi BunderDecommissioned, was a DC loco trip shedformerly WCG-1 locos
LonavlaAC loco trip shedFor Bhor Ghat bankers
ManmadElectric trip shed
CR Workshops
MatungaPeriodic overhaul of BG coaches and EMUs. Also workshop facilities for major repairs to diesel locos; used by other zones too, even WR (many unusual locos can be seen coming to Mumbai for this).
KurlaPeriodic overhaul of tank wagons.
ParelPeriodic overhaul of DC and AC/DC locos (from CR and WR), and Alco diesel locos. They also have facilities to repair emergency equipment such as the 140-ton cranes. Many locos from other zones come here for high-end repairs. Neral-Matheran NDM-6 locos and some CR ZDM locos come here for POH. One of the really old loco workshops; earlier specialized in the 1.5kV DC locos of the Mumbai area. Workshop now assembles WDG-3A locos which have been sent in kit form by DLW.
NagpurCoach maintenance workshop
AjniGoods wagon repair facility
BhusawalWagon repair workshop, also carries out POH on 3-phase locos and conversions of WAP-1 locos to WAP-4 from all over the northern and central parts of the country. One of the oldest loco workshops, from the steam days when Bhusawal had a large steam shed. It also specializes in rebuilding fire-damaged locomotives.

West Central Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Tughlakabad (for Delhi)ElectricWAG-5, WAG-7, WAG-9, WAM-4, WAP-7This shed is a WCR shed on NR territory! It belongs to the Kota division. This was a WR shed until 2003. The shed was originally built to handle locos for the freight traffic on the busy New Delhi - Bombay route. Has received a few WAG9 starting 02/08. Starting 2010 received WAM-4 locos to be operated in pairs on container trains. WAP-7 locos homed here in 2013. 195+ locos (10/13)
ItarsiDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDS-6, WDP-4Was in CR until 2003. Shed serves routes all across central India. Started receiving WDP-4 locos in 2011. Holds 145+ locos.
ItarsiElectricWAM-4, WAP-4, WAG-5This shed came up in the 1980s. Was in CR until 2003. Its WAG-5 locos perform banking duties on the Budni - Barkhera ghat section. Shed has the largest surviving WAM-4 holdings. Has received WAP-4s starting June 2008.
KatniDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDG-3CThis is located at New Katni Jn. but the diesel locos always carry the marking that says simply 'Katni' (in Devanagari) or 'KTE'. This is one of IR's biggest diesel sheds. The shed used to be in CR until 2003. Holds the only WDG-3C "Cheetah"
New Katni Jn.ElectricWAG-5, WAG-7Located at New Katni Jn. The shed used to be in CR until 2003. Had WAM-4/WAM-4P until the early 1990s or so. Electric locos are marked 'NKJ' (for New Katni Jn.) in contrast to the diesels (above) that say just 'Katni'. It has a large marshalling yard attached. 170+ locos (03/12)
WCR Workshops
KotaBG wagon repair workshop
BhopalBG coach rehabilation workshop. Handles rebuilding and overhaul of old passenger stock.

South East Central Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
BhilaiElectricWAM-4, WAG-5, WAG-7, WAG-9, WAP-7Shed used to be in SER until 2003. Some WAM-4's ex-Tatanagar. Bhilai also has an MEMU carshed. Known for its distinct liveries, the shed used to have elaborate suffixes for its WAM-4 locos e.g. WAM-4P-6D-HS+ABC! Now homes WAG9 and WAP-7 locos as well, including some WAG-9H. Has the largest electric loco holding in IR - 205 locos [10/13]
RaipurDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDG-4, ZDM-4Shed used to be in SER until 2003. WDS-6 in dark blue / red livery, not standard shunter colours. [2/05] All locos now painted in blue-white livery. Holds WDM-3A and WDG-3A from 2004. Has received a few WDG-4s as well. Also holds 6 ZDM-4 locos for the NG line to Dhamtari.
Motibagh (for Nagpur)NG DieselZDM-3A, ZDM-3B, ZDM-4AHas an NG yard. Refuelling facilities for BG diesel locos. A steam shed here was recently [2001] demolished. However it does have [7/02] a working Bagnall steam locomotive used for special heritage runs. Carries out POH/maintenance for its own locos and also for other NG sheds. Was in SER until 2003.
SECR Workshops
Motibagh A very important NG/BG workshop. It performs POH on NG coaches and locomotives from all over central and south-eastern India. More in the workshops section.

Southern Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
ErodeDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDG-4Also had WDM-7 locos, now at Tondiarpet. Many WDM-3A and WDG-3A transferred to Ernakulam and other sheds. Holds one of the largest fleets of WDM-3D locos. Homes the WDM-3D #11121 with a full cab forward design. Received its first WDG-4 in 9/13.
ErodeElectricWAG-7, WAP-4Erode Electric shed came up in the late 1990s. WAP-4 locos transferred here in 2001 from Arakkonam. Now home to the largest fleet of WAP-4's on IR, the shed handles some of the longest routes for electric trains in the country.
ErnakulamDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDS-6Originally the only shed to have WDM-7 locos (now transferred to Tondiarpet). Has received many WDM-3A locos from Erode. WDG-3A transferred from Erode in 2012
Arakkonam (for Chennai)ElectricWAP-4, WAM-4, WAG-5, WAP-1This electric shed came up in the 1980s, but Arakkonam had a big steam shed earlier. This shed had 5 WAP-1 locos until 2002, were transferred to Ghaziabad. It later got WAP-4 locos -- the entire SR fleet -- which were then moved to Erode/Lallaguda. New WAG-7 locos were acquired but later transferred to Erode. Started receiving new WAP-4's in late 2004. 30+ WAP-1 locos transferred back from Ghaziabad in 2009 out of which all but 5 were sent to Royapuram in 2011. Total holding 135+ (10/13)
Royapuram (for Chennai)ElectricWAP-1, WAP-4, WAP-7New Electric shed on site of former steam shed inaugurated in 2010. Received WAP-1 and WAP-4 from Arakkonam and Erode. Started receiving WAP-7s in 2012. Holding 65+ locos (10/13)
Golden Rock (for Thiruchirapalli)Diesel BG and MGWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDP-3A, WDG-3A, WDG-4, WDP-4, WDS-6, YDM-4One of the most distinct liveries on IR comes from Golden Rock in form of its green-cream colored ALCO units. Holds a tiny portion of its once vast MG diesel fleet. Now receiving EMD units as well. Also, one of only two sheds to hold the WDP-3A class.
Tondiarpet (for Chennai)DieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDM-7, WDS-4B, WDS-4DWDM-7 locos were transferred here from Ernakulam and serve now serve inferior duties. Some WDM-2's from Erode have been transfered here. Also refuelling point for WDM-2's and WDP-2's coming to Egmore.
CoonoorSteam, Diesel'X' class (steam) and YDM-4Serves the Nilgiri Mountain Railway
Basin Bridge (for Chennai)Electric trip shed
EgmoreElectric/Diesel trip shed This was an important MG shed with several YDM-2's stabled here, but now the lines out of it are BG, and the shed stands demolished.
TondiarpetElectric trip shed [2/04] Recently created to lessen load on Basin Bridge. Also serves as crew change point for freights.
JolarpettaiElectric/Diesel trip shed
SR Workshops
Golden Rock near ThiruchirapalliIR's premier diesel loco restoration and rebuilding workshop; also undertakes the POH of diesels from all over the south. Currently [3/05] it handles both BG and MG, but the MG repair facilities (which have been here for a century!) will likely soon be shifted to Tiruvarur as gauge conversion leaves Tiruchy entirely on BG. Another facility may also come up at Pollachi.
Carriage and Wagon Workshops, Perambur (Aynavaram), ChennaiBG coaches and wagons
Locomotive Workshops, Perambur (Chennai)This was the premier BG steam loco repair shop in the south; now it deals with repair and maintenance / POH of electric locos from all over the south. SR, SCR, SER, and other zones' locos are often repaired here and sent for POH; sometimes locos from even farther afield such as from Tughlakabad can be seen being worked on. KR's DMU sets also come here for their POH. Also performs yearly overhaul of the Fairy Queen steam locomotive.
Aynavaram Locomotive Workshops (Chennai)POH, recabling, dual brake conversion, etc.
Mysore Central Workshops, AshokapuramBG coaches, railcars
TambaramFormer electric shed and home to the YAM-1 locomotives. Now a BG EMU maintenance and car shed.
AvadiBG EMU maintenance and car shed.
ArakkonamEngineering workshops
Basin BridgeCarriage maintenance works

South Central Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
GootyDieselWDG-3A, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-4, WDP-4One of the largest sheds (175+ locos). Many locos fitted with Auto Emergency brakes for service on Braganza Ghats in Goa. Also handles routine maintenance on WDG-4 locos. Gooty used to be a BG steam shed.
GuntakalDiesel, BG and a few MGWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3AServes passenger traffic on SCR / SWR routes sector. Many old WDM-2 units rebuilt to WDM-3A specs. Large batch of WDM-3A's transferred here from Gooty in 2005. Former MG shed; BG shed was inaugurated in 1995 after gauge conversion of the Guntakal and Hubli divisions.
Lallaguda (for Secunderabad/Hyderabad)ElectricWAP-4, WAP-7, WAG-7, WAG-9Built on the site of the former steam shed and inaugurated in Sep 05. Used to hold WAM-4 and WAG-7 locos then moved to BZA and KZJ. Received new WAG-9 locos starting 2007. WAP-7 locos are also being homed here starting Jan. 2009. 180+ locos (10/13)
Sanatnagar (for Hyderabad)Diesel and Electric trip sheds A diesel refuelling point (with Indian Oil bulk terminal near it).
KazipetDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDG-4Had 27 WDM-2C locos (the 'original' models of this class); [4/02] moved to Gooty and Vishakhapatnam. [6/07] Many WDM-3A transferred here from Guntakal. Ex-Gooty WDG-3A locos moved to service the Sanathnagar-Raichur sector. Had WDP-1 locos, transferred to Vijayawada. Received WDG-4 locos in 2013.
KazipetElectricWAG-7Inaugurated in 2006, it got a large chunk of WAG-7s based at Lallaguda. Has received new units as well. 135+ locos (10/13)
VijayawadaDieselWDM-2, WDP-1, DEMUs (30+) and 2 RailbusWDM-2 locos used mostly for shunting. WDP-1 locos transferred from Kazipet. Home also to 2 BEML railbuses that run on the Kakinada - Kotipalli line. Also had WDS-4 until 2001.
VijayawadaElectricWAG-5, WAM-4, WAG-7Many WAG-5 locos are re-fitted and used for passenger operations only including the modified #23989 'Krishnaveni'. The electric shed here was inaugurated in April 1980 with a capacity to maintain 100 locos. Electric shed is among the largest holding 195+ locos (03/12).
ReniguntaDiesel shed, Electric trip shed
Maula Ali (for Secunderabad)Diesel and EMU car shedWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, DHMUs (3-car and 6-car) (9) and EMU'sFormer MG shed; converted to BG in the late 1990s, completely converted to BG in 2003 with 10 old units (182xx series from GY/GTL/KZJ) were assigned in for shunting duties. Later, more WDM-2 and WDG-3A locos were transferred from other sheds for mainline duties on the northern Hyderabad and Nanded division routes. Electric car shed caters for suburban MMTS service.
HyderabadElectric trip shed
RajahmundryElectric car shed (MEMU) Has SCR entire fleet of MEMU cars. Handles primary maintenance and rebuilding of damaged units. Setup on the site of the erstwhile steam shed.
SCR Workshops
South LallagudaCoaches and wagons
ROH depots for wagon maintenance at Gooty, Vijayawada, Ramagundam, Sanatnagar, Raichur and Bellampally
Coaching maintenance depots at Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Kacheguda, Nanded, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Guntur, Kakinada, Narsapur, Purna, Kazipet, Guntakal and Machilipatnam.

South Western Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
HubliDieselWDG-4, WDP-4 The first EMD shed to be setup (1999). Some units were transferred to KJM and SGUJ. Still has the largest holding of EMD locos at 180+ (10/13)
Krishnarajapuram (for Bangalore)DieselWDS-6, WDM-2, WDM-3A, WDP-4, WDG-3A, WDG-4Shed opened in 1983, initial holding capacity was 60 locos. Capacity was raised to 125 locos in 2003; with additional facilities later added for EMD locos since 2005. First 5 WDM-3D units were homed here; these were later transferred to Erode. Now has WDG-4 units as well (10/13)
Bangalore CityDiesel, electric trip shed Electric Trip shed. Was in SR until 2003.
Bangalore CantonmentDieselWDS-4Locos actually belong to Tondiarpet (SR).
MysoreDecommissioned MG diesel shedYDM-4Locos had a distinctive dark green livery.
SWR Workshops
HubliCoaches, ROH depot for wagon maintenance, coaching maintenance depot.

East Coast Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Vishakhapatnam (Waltair)DieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDS-6, WDG-4IR's largest diesel shed with 195+ locos. It used to be on SER until 2003. There was a shed at Simhagiri which shut down and the new diesel shed at Waltair took over. Rarely, diesel locos can (could) be seen with Simhagiri markings [2001]. Has received WDG-4s starting 2013.
Vishakhapatnam (Waltair)ElectricWAG-5, WAG-6A/6B/6C, WAM-4, WAG-7, WAP-4This shed used to be on SER until 2003. Most electrics from here work on the Kirandul-Kottavalasa heavy mineral freight line and are rarely seen elsewhere. The WAG-5 locos are quite old, converted from the original 211XX series of WAM-4B locos. [1/04] Also homes the entire holding of the WAG-6 classes. WAM-4 locos were intended for Angul but retained here. Some WAP-4s homed here as well with WAG-9s planned.
AngulElectricWAG-7Started life on paper as a diesel shed but soon converted to an electric shed. Received locos even when the shed building was not complete. The WAM-4 and WAG-5 locos were brought from other sheds. After a short while, all WAM-4 and WAG-5 were transferred to VSKP. Currently (10/13) holds more than 110 WAG-7s.

ECoR Workshops
MancheshwarCarriage repair workshop. Commissioned in Nov. 1981. Performs POH maintenance on about 100 coaches a month ([5/10] to be expanded to 150/month).

Chipiyana Buzurg
Northern Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Ghaziabad (for Delhi)ElectricWAM-4, WAP-1, WAP-4, WAP-5, WAP-7Built to cater to passenger traffic in the Delhi area. Received the first WAP-1s. Some WAP-1 and WAP-4s were transferred to Arrakonam shed. Retains 31 WAP-1 locos. Also the home for the WAP-3 locos which have been converted back to a WAP-1. Also homes WAP-4, WAP-5 and WAP-7 and one WAM-4 for departmental duties. Has largest fleet of 3 phase passenger locos.
Tughlakabad (for Delhi)BG DieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDP-1, WDP-3A, WDP-4Large shed homing more than 150 locos. One of the only sheds on IR to home the WDP-1 and WDP-3A locos. WDM-3D and WDP4s were added to the roster the former were transferred out. The first two twin cab WDP4-D locos came here as well.
Shakurbasti (for Delhi)DieselWDS-4A/4B/4D, WDM-2, DEMUsAlso a BG trip shed for WDM-2, WDG-3A. WDS-4 shunting locos are based all over NR and sent here for annual / semi-annual maintenance. Homes DMUs for Delhi region including the country's first CNG run DMU which was converted in-house from diesel. This shed has 55+ WDM-2 locos for local duties with occasional main line link.
LudhianaDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3AA large shed: 170+ locos [10/13]. Locos serve a large swathe of Northern and North-western India.
LudhianaElectricWAM-4, WAG-5, WAG-7Commissioned in 2001 when most GZB WAG-5's transferred here. These locos were later moved elsewhere. Newer WAG-7s since 2003 including BHEL built units. Retains only 1 WAM-4 for internal use. Holds 9 WAP-4 locos as well.
LucknowDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDG-4Locally called "Alambag Diesel Shed". 160+ locos including the first 3300hp fuel injected WDM-3A rebuilt by DMW Patiala. Locos seen in blue-grey livery with the words 'Prabal' written in Devnagari script on the side.
MughalsaraiDieselDecommissioned. Had WDM-4 locos (was at the time the only shed to have these).This shed was an NR shed on ER territory! This was just adjacent to the (still existing) ECR (formerly ER) diesel shed. It lost the role it had earlier as the WDM-4's were phased out, and more recently [2001] was decommissioned.
AmbalaDieselWDS-4Outstation shed for Shakurbasti WDS-4s.
PathankotNG Diesel, also BG trip shed. WDS-4A/4B shunters are kept here for long periods.ZDM-3, ZDM-4/ANorthernmost shed. WDS-4A belong to Shakurbasti, but kept here for long periods. Received some ZDM-4 locos in 2007, possibly from CR/WR.
Chakki Bank (for Pathankot)Steam shed now decomissioned.
KalkaNG dieselZDM-3, ZDM-5, KC (steam)Carries out POH of these NG NR locos. Also has Parel workshop built dual cab ZDM-3
RewariSteamWP, YP, YG, AWDThe Rewari steam shed has been restored and houses BG and MG steam locos.
New DelhiTrip shed Caters to visiting electric and diesel locomotives with maintenance for both.
H. NizamuddinTrip shedCaters to visiting electric locos
JalandharDiesel (DMU and Railbus) IR's first and biggest DMU shed. Holds 90 units that service much of rural Punjab and Haryana. Also holds two BEML built railbuses which operate on the Beas-Goindwal Sahib line.
Jammu TawiDiesel trip shedTrip shed for visiting locos. WDS-4 homed at Shakurbasti are retained here for long periods.
Electric (EMU and MEMU)EMU and MEMUShed located near Ghaziabad. [9/08] Holds 216 EMU cars and 221 MEMU cars.
NR Workshops
CharbaghLocomotive workshops. Performs POH and other maintenance on many locos from NR, WCR, etc.
JagadhariCarriage and Wagon workshop, Bridge workshop
AmritsarPOH of WDS-4 and breakdown cranes, bogie manufacture

North Central Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Kanpur CentralElectricWAP-4, WAG-7Shed used to be in NR until 2003. Homed the last WAG-2 and WAG-4 locos. Holds only WAP-4 and WAG-7 locos now, but 3 WAM-4 retained for departmental duties. Holding 195+ locos (10/13)
JhansiDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDS-6, WDG-4Shed used to be in CR until 2003. Received the WDM-3B class mid 2006 which were later converted to WDM-3D. Shed holding 125+ locos including some new WDG-4 units (10/13)
JhansiElectricWAG-5HA / WAG5HB, WAG-7180+ locos [3/12]. Shed used to be in CR until 2003. Home to IR's entire WAG-5HB fleet, since these were manufactured by BHEL Jahnsi. First shed to receive WAP-4 locos before some were transferred to Lallaguda & Arrakonam. In late 2007, all remaining WAP-4 transferred to Bhusaval shed. Has received WAG-7 locos manufactured by BHEL.
GwaliorNG dieselNDM-5Locos marked "GWL". Carries out POH of these locos.
DhaulpurNG dieselZDM-3Locos for Dhaulpur - Tantpur / Sirmuttra section
AgraDieselWDS-4, WDM-2SDiesel shed here homes 32 WDS4. The shed caters to the loco requirement for shunting at major NCR stations and the Jhansi Workshop. Has a batch of derated WDM2 for heavy shunting duties.
NCR Workshops
AllahabadEngineering workshops
GwaliorCoaching workshop for NG stock
JhansiLargest POH workshop for freight wagons on IR. Reputed to handle more than 20% of wagon POH on IR.

North Eastern Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
GondaDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDS-6, YDM-4The last WDM-2 made by DLW (#16887) is homed here. Received WDM-3B class in late 2006 and WDM-3D in early 2007. Has a small holding of WDG-3A and YDM-4 locos as well.
Izzatnagar (for Bareilly)MG DieselYDM-4, WDM-3D, WDP-4For NER trains on the MG network, BG shed started with 30 WDM-3Ds in 2010. Started receiving WDG-4s and WDP-4s in 2013.
NER Workshops
IzzatnagarWorkshops for both MG coaches and diesel (YDM-4) loco overhaul

Northeast Frontier Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Malda TownDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDM-3DThis shed is an NFR shed on ER territory!! The diesel shed was established on the grounds of a former steam shed in 1984. Serves mainly NFR passenger links. Holds 80 locos (10/13)
New Guwahati (NGC)DieselWDS-6, WDG-3A, WDM-2, WDM-3ABG holdings started with a few WDS-6 shunters in the early 1990s. Used to be an MG shed for YDM-4 locos; those were transferred to Lumding. The shed is located within the Guwahati Goods Yard, about 5km east of Guwahati (GHY) station towards Lumding. Locos fitted Anti-Collision Device(ACD).
LumdingMG DieselYDM-4When the MG line from Guwahati to Lumding / Tinsukia / Dibrugarh was converted to BG, the Lumding - Badarpur (and beyond) section became isolated and at the same time the MG diesel shed at NGC was closed, with the locos from there transferred here. Easternmost shed of IR and has the highest remaining holding of YDM-4s. (10/13)
BadarpurMG Diesel trip shedYDM-4Trip shed only. Locos home at Lumding.
SiliguriDieselWDP-4, WDG-4,BG shed inaugurated in 3/07 with WDP-4 and WDG-4 locos transferred from Hubli. Also homes the famous WDP-4 #20012, "Baaz". Current (10/13) holding 160+ locos.

Eastern Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
Howrah + BamanganchiDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDS-6, WDM-3D, WDS-4Was set up in 1983 to home WDS-4 shunting locos for Howrah region at Bamangachi. Later a twin unit was setup to home mainline locos alongside for trains north and west of Howrah. One WDS-4 unit fitted with vacuum equipment for station apron cleaning, named "Swachhata".
HowrahElectricWAP-4, WAP-7Commissioned at the end of 2001. Had 18 or so WAP-1 locos that were sent to Ghaziabad later. One of the largest WAP-4 sheds in IR with 90+ locos of the class stabled here. All WAP6 locos from Asansol shed converted to WAP4 and transferred here. Homed WAM-4s for a short while before receiving WAP-7s starting 2011.
Belaghata (for Sealdah)Diesel Diesel loco trip shed
AndalDieselWDS-6, WDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3ASet up in 1981 and home the now defunct WDS-5 shunters. Also homed the first WDM-2 manufactured by DLW, No. 18233. Present holding (10/13) 110 locos.
BurdwanDieselWDM-2, WDM-3AThe only two WDM-6 units ever built were homed here. Locos haul the trans-border 'Moitree Express' between Kolkata and Dhaka.
JamalpurDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-4, WDS-6Has a large workshop, one of the oldest; BG diesels from many parts are sent here for POH. Started receiving WDG-4s in 2013.
AsansolElectricWAG-5, WAM-4, WAG-7This shed used to have the WAM-1/2/3/4, WAG-3/4, and WAP-4 locos. It also had the only (?) 4 WAP-2 locos, and the only WAM-3 locos: #20333, #20337. [1/08] Asansol also had 16 WAP-6 locos which were converted and transferred Howrah. [6/08] Some old WAM-4's from Mughalsarai have been transferred here recently. This is the oldest electric shed of IR.
Narkeldanga ("NKG", for Sealdah)Electric trip shed Used to have some WAM-1, WAM-2 locos. This is not a separate loco shed but an EMU carshed now used to stable some locos and for loco maintenance.
Gholsapur (Majerhat)EMU car shed
BarasatEMU car shed
BandelEMU car shed
HowrahEMU car shed
SealdahEMU car shed This is the EMU car shed at Narkeldanga Canal, which also houses some locomotives.
SonarpurEMU car shed
TindhariaSteamB class tanks, etc.Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. All POH and maintenance for the DHR B class locos happens here.
ER Workshops
Jamalpur Locomotive WorkshopsEstablished in 1862, Jamalpur was assembling locos very early, and began manufacturing locos from scratch by 1899. Established in 1862, Jamalpur was assembling locos very early, and began manufacturing locos from scratch by 1899. Also manufactures 140 tonne cranes , BOXN/H wagons and other equipment.
Liluah Carriage & Wagon WorkshopsMaintenance & POH of passenger coaches, freight wagons and PW vehicles
KanchraparaPOH on BG AC locos from all over the east (Howrah, Santragachhi, Mughalsarai, Asansol, Gomoh), including the WAG-7 locos. One of the oldest loco workshops setup in 1863; originally was the site for 3kV DC electric locos of the Calcutta area.
BamangachiCoach maintenance
TikiaparaCoach maintenance

East Central Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
MughalsaraiDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3AThere was also an NR diesel shed at Mughalsarai just adjacent to this one which was decommissioned. One of the only two sheds to home the rare WDS-5 shunter class.
MughalsaraiElectricWAM-4, WAP-4, WAG-7First shed to get the WAG-7. WAP-1 locos from here were transferred to GZB. Holds 175+ locos (10/13)
GomohElectricWAG-7, WAG-9Was the first shed in IR to home WAG-9 and WAP-7 locos. Some WAG9 units transferred to Ajni. WAP-7 locos served the prestigious Howrah Rajdhani link but were transferred out. Shed holding 185+ (10/13)
PatratuDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3A, WDG-4On the Katni - Chopan line, Central Indian Coalfields (CIC) section, Dhanbad division, Jharkhand (near Barkakana and Gomoh). Was in ER until 2003. Locos are very rarely seen further afield. Started receiving WDG-4s in 2013.
SamastipurDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D,WDG-3AFormer MG shed converted to BG in the 1990s. Locos rarely seen far afield; observed sometimes at Allahabad, very rarely at Delhi. Used to be in NER until 2003.
NarkatiaganjDiesel (MG)YDM-4Satellite shed was setup with transferred locos from Gonda and Izzatnagar. Holds 35+ locos (10/13)
ECR Workshops
Harnaut (near Patna)A new railway coach maintenance workshop is under construction here [6/03], which will have the capacity to repair and refurbish 500 coaches or more every year.
MughalsaraiIR's largest wagon repair workshop.

South Eastern Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
KharagpurDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDG-3AWith the electrification of the SER tracks up to VSKP, locos mainly serve routes south west and north west of KGP and freight.
BondamundaDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDM-3D, WDG-3A, WDG-4Had a few of the WDM-1 class. Also home to the rare WDS-5 class of shunters. WDM-3D's inducted in early 2007 and WDG-4 in 2013.
BondamundaElectricWAG-5, WAG-7One of the largest sheds with a holding of 200+ locos. Has the largest holding of WAG-7 locos. Only 2 WAG-5 units remain here as of 10/13.
Tatanagar (for Jamshedpur)ElectricWAM-4, WAP-4, WAG-5, WAG-7, WAG-9Holds SER's entire fleet of WAM-4 locos. Received WAG-7 locos in 2002 and WAG-9 in 2011. Has a small holding of WAP-4s as well.
SantragacchiElectricWAP-4Came up in 1999. Used to have WAM-4s. Also outstation / trip shed for SER electrics near Howrah, and for Kharagpur locos. Shed holding 70 locos.
Bokaro Steel CityDieselWDM-2, WDM-3A, WDS-6Also large yard for Bokaro Steel Plant. Loco spotted in a distinctive green/red livery. Has a small holding of 45+ locos (10/13)
Bokaro Steel CityElectricWAG-5, WAG-7New shed commissioned in 2011 with WAG5s transferred from other sheds. Holds a few WAG-7s as well.
Nimpura (for Kharagpur)Electric Trip Shed
Dongargarh (for Nagpur)BG diesel, now decommissioned Was in use until a few years ago (late '90s). All SER diesels for Nagpur are now from Raipur shed. Would have been in SECR territory.
Tikiapara (for Howrah)EMU carshed
PanskuraEMU carshed
KharagpurEMU carshed
SER Workshops
Kharagpur Loco and C&W WorkshopLocomotive, carriage, and wagon overhaul. More in the workshops section.
SantragachhiRake maintenance

Konkan Railway
Shed Type Loco / MU's Comments
PanvelDiesel [decommissioned] Was in use for Panvel, Roha, Pen, Uran, JNPT traffic earlier
VernaDiesel [planned but later cancelled; construction was never completed]
KR currently does not have locos or sheds of its own. It uses locos from Ernakulam, Golden Rock and Erode [SR]; Pune and Kalyan [CR]; and Gooty [SCR]. There is currently only diesel traction on this railway.
KR Workshops
Verna C&W WorkshopWorkshop for carriage maintenance at a site close to the still-born loco shed site.
MadgaonRake maintenance

Marshalling Yards

Q. Where are the important marshalling and stabling yards?

Q. Where are the important goods sheds?

The material on yards has been moved: please see the section on marshalling yards, CONCOR depots, etc..

Shed Trivia

The distribution of sheds seen on the map is not all that uniform and reflects the greater need for locomotives in some areas compared to others. The Howrah-Dhanbad-Gomoh corridor is especially dense, having six sheds within a stretch of about 289km (Howrah, Bardhhaman, Andal, Asansol, and Gomoh). This is not surprising as the section caters to a lot of freight traffic including the heavy ore rakes from this mineral-rich area.

Guntakal and Gooty are an odd pair of sheds, being amazingly close -- just 26km or so apart!

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