Builders: Wingrove & Rogers

Wingrove & Rogers, Kirby, Liverpool (WR)

Works No.       Wheels          Date            Cylinders/HP    DWD/Type        Gauge
4315            4wBE            10.3.1950       4HP             Type W217       20"
7409            4wBE            29.12.1970      4HP             Type W217       20"
7410            4wBE            29.12.1970      4HP             Type W217       20"

Works No: Builders works number (or original company running number for locomotives 
built in mainline workshops without a running number)

Wheels: Wheel arrangement

Date: Date ex-works where known, otherwise year delivered

Cylinders/HP: Cylinder dimensions for steam locos; horsepower for diesel locos

DWD/Type: Diameter of Driving Wheels for steam locos; Type of engine for diesel locos

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