Unknown Locations -2


Bharat Heavy Plate, Thungalem
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			Telco		150

Carew & Son Sugar Factory, Darsang
Gauge: BG

			0-4-0DM			Brookv		2513		1940

Chatangpur Forest Syndicate
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			HE	     	4145	  	1948 (a)

(a) 20 h.p. engine

District Board, Masulipatan
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wPM			MR		4215		1929

D.G.S. & D., Pulagon
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		335		1985

Executive Engineer, Akanpet

			0-6-0T/T		OK		11104		1925

Ferro Alloys Corporation Ltd, 
Shreeram Works
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			Telco		067

Forest Engineer, Dharwar
Gauge: 2'0"

			0-6-0T			JF	    	16073	     	1923 (a)

(a) Also shown as supplied to Workington Iron & Steel, Shimoga

Hydro Electric Construction Pvt Ltd, Uttar K
Gauge: 3'0"

			4wDH			SAN		261		1982

Manikgarh Cements Ltd, Gadchendu
Gauge: BG

			4wDH			SAN		346		1985
			4wDH			SAN		349		1985
			4wDH			SAN		350		1985

Sardarkipol, Sadarnagar
Gauge: MG

			0-4-0			SS				1873	(a)

(a) ex BNWR No 8. Delivered to TSR D class, one of Nos 2-10 (which were SS 2319-28/73). Acquired 1928.

Tailspur Sugar Factory, Genda
Gauge: MG

HILIKA			0-6-0T			WB	     	2203	  	1926 (a)

(a) supplied to Assam Frontier Tea Co. Advertised for sale by an agent in Calcutta in 6/1957

Upper Ganges Sugar Mill
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0T			Jung		12918		1957

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