Nepal Government
Gauge: 2'6"

			0-4-2ST			JF		6710		1892

Nepal Government Forest Railway

			4-6-0T			HE		1454		1923	(a)
			4-6-0T			HE		1457		1923
			4-6-0T			HE		1539		1923
			4-6-0T			HE		1556		1923

(a) Rebuild of HE 1354. HE 1354 was built for WDLR, WD No 3238. Delivered after the end of WW1 and sent to Royal Engineers 
Electrical Light School, Stokes Bay, Gosport. Resold to HE in 1921 and rebuilt with a new boiler and new works number and 
sold to Nepal Government Forest Railway

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