Jammu and Kashmir


Kishtwar Hydro Electric Project
Gauge: MG

1			4wDH			CS		5165		1990	(a)
2			4wDH			CS		5166		1990	(a)
3			4wDH			CS		5167		1990	(a)
4			4wDH			CS		5168		1990	(a)
5			4wDH			CS		4862		1990	(b)
6			4wDH			CS		4863		1990	(b)
11			4wDH			CE		B1857.D		1979	(c)
12			4wDH			CE					(d)

(a) Supplied to India, almost definitely to this site
(b) Acquired from an unknown location. These locomotives have almost certainly been re-gauged to MG
(c) Supplied to Jarvis Clark, Canada (agents). Date acquired unknown.
(d) Identity unknown

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