Himachal Pradesh


Beas Dam Project   17 H2
Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			Mits		1359		1966
			0-6-0DH			Mits		1360		1966
			0-6-0DH			Mits		1361		1966 

Bhakra Dam Project  18 A3
Gauge: BG

			Bo-BoDE			GE		32067		1953
			Bo-BoDE			GE		32068		1953
			Bo-BoDE			GE		32069		1953

Himachel Pradesh State Electricity Board

			4wBE			CE		B2963.A		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.B		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.C		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.D		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.E		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.F		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.G		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.H		
			4wBE			CE		B2963.I		

Nangal Fertilizers & Chemicals   18 B4
Gauge: BG

			6wDH			CLC		3015		1960
			0-6-0D			CLW

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