Murmurgoa Port Trust
Gauge: 2'0"

1			0-4-0ST			KS	 	1043		1909	(a)
2			0-4-0ST	 		KS	 	1044		1909	(a)

(a) These locomotives were shipped to Murmugoa for William Menzies and were almost definitely used on the Marmagao Port 
Trust improvement scheme, which started c.1909/10. In the IE dated 9/1910, there is a note stating that the Resident 
Engineer of Murmugoa was carrying out works at the harbour, including an extension of the railway on behalf of the WIPR.

Gauge: MG

			4wDH			SAN		385		1987

Gauge: BG

			0-6-0DH			DLW				1996-7	(a)

(a)  WDS 6 type

West of India Portuguese Railway
Gauge: MG

D1			0-6-0DM			(DC		2664		1959
						(RSH		8090		1959
D2			0-6-0DM			(DC		2665		1959
						(RSH		8091		1959
D3			0-6-0DM			(DC		2666		1959
						(RSH		8092		1959

Also had second hand 0-6-0 and 4-6-0 locomotives, identities unknown

Zuari Agro Chemicals
Gauge: MG

			4wDH			Telco		203
			4wDH			SAN		335		1984

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