Bangladesh Sugar Mills
Gauge: MG

			4wDH			U23A				1976

Gauge: BG

			4wDH			U23A				1976
			4wDH			U23A				1976
			4wDH			U23A				1976
			4wDH			U23A				1976
			4wDH			U23A				1976

Chalna, Chittagong   74 B1

			0-4-0DM			RH		457301		1964	(a)
			0-4-0DM			RH		457301		1964	(a)

(a) Supplied via James Greaves, Pakistan

Chhatak Cement Co
Gauge: 610mm

			4wDH			Keef		45		1993
			4wDH			Keef		50		1993

Site also has a number of 60hp MR's

The Do(?)hamai Tea Co, Chittagong   74 B1
Gauge: 2'0"

			4wDM			RH		247164		1947

Nam Nam Corporation,  Maddhapara Hard Rock Mine
Gauge: 600mm

			4wWE			CE		B4300.A		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4300.B		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4301.A		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4301.B		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4301.C		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4301.D		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4301.E		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4301.F		1999
			4wWE			CE		B4302.A		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.B		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.C		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.D		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.E		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.F		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.G		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.H		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.I		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.J		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.K		2000
			4wWE			CE		B4302.L		2000
			4wDH			CE		B4303		2000

North Bengal Sugar Mills (Pty) Ltd, Chittagong   74 B1
Gauge: BG

			4wDM			RH		425480		1958

Zeal Bangla Sugar, Chittagong   74 B1
Gauge: MG

			0-6-0DH			AB		662		1983

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