Tour Diary Pune-Solapur-Pune on Indrayani Special


I got an opportunity of train travel after almost 2 years. This time I had to
attend a function at Solapur on the 27th.

I would have normally driven down but the prospect of Driving in the heat & dust
plus the accident prone nature of the NH9 to Solapur made me determined look for
Train even if available accomodation & timings may not be to the best of my

So I booked on the 25th afternoon for 0113 leaving Pune on 26th and after the
function on 27th morning, return by 0114. It turned out to be a good trip in
Daylight with the added dollop of meeting a fellow IRFCA certified rail fan in

26th April ’09

I reached the Pune Station at 08:30. The station was taking a break after the
morning hustle bustle on the Sunday.

Spotted locos GTL WDMxx 16500, Pune WDS6 and a Pune Green Diesel on the line
next to PF-1.

1021 was to arrive from Mumbai on PF4. I headed there. Observed WCAM1s 21819 &
21834 parked next to the line of PF6. A WCAM3 was behind 21834. I could spot
another WCAM3, a WACM1 and a WCG2 in the trip shed.

Meanwhile Baramati – Pune pass. arrived on PF5 behind brown Pune WDM2 17427
LHF. The same loco reversed and got ready to take the same rake back as Pune-
Baramati Passanger.

I walked to the Daund end and started the vigil there. The brief break from
hustle bustle was getting over. Locos were moving about between PF-1 & 2. The PA
systems was informing that GKP-Pune Special would be arriving shortly on PF1.

Satara Pass. was ready on PF2 behind Blue Pune WDM2 17739. At 09:00 7032 arrived
on PF3 behind KZJ DM3A 18915R. Almost simulateously, 1021 appeared at the Mumbai
end. It was hauled by WCAM3 21883. 7032 left after a brief halt of 10 minutes.

Within 3 minutes after it halted at 09:10, 21883 got detached and made way for
the cream – red GTL diesel I spotted earlier – WDM2A 16500.

It was 09:20 by this time. So I hurried to my C1 coach which was 4th from the
last SLR. 0113 was packed to it’s brim. All 2S coaches were fully sold out &
packed. So were both the AC Chair Cars. At around 09:30 1042 arrived on PF3
behind a KZJ Diesel power. We departed at 09:35. After exiting Ghorpadi, the
train picked speed.

Getting motivated by the excellent photographers of IRFCA, I had decided to try
train photography first hand first time. Daund was reached at 10:40. The line
coming from MMR was my first snap followed by a Video of our train snaking its
way over 3 points to the extreme north platform of Daund. A large crowd waited
to board.

We left after a brief halt of 5 minutes. I was making frequent visits to the
door and snapping up the train / crossings, arousing curiosity (I think
suspicion is more apt) in fellow passangers but not in the least with the TTE.
Everyone ask me what would I be doing with the photographs. No one seems to be
interested in my IRFCA canvassing -may be because I clicked the Trains & not

A light WDG3 pair crossed between Daund and Boribel. The weather outside was
like a furnace. Hot air blasted my face. In this 40+ deg. dry heat the gangmen
were dutifully going about with their tasks. Each one raises a number board
whenever the train passed them. Some of them blew their whistles.

I returned to the comforts of the AC after a little while at the door when we
passed Bhigwan & entered the single line and also the Robbers territory. Not
much danger in the day time and in this heat though.

After some time, I sensed the train slowing down so went back to the door and
saw that we were being led on the Scissors crossing at Pophlaj. 0113 reversed
back on the crossing and waited. A WDG4 led freight passed at high speed. We
resumed the journey soon afterwords and the LPs started blasting to make up for
the lost time.

We reached Kurduwadi at 12:35 after a brief commercial halt at Jeur. The train
left Kurduwadi at 12:38. The fork to Barshi – Latur is just outside Kurduwadi on
the left side towards Solapur. A WDG3 led passanger waited for entry into KWV on
that line.

The food availability on this leg was ordinary – nothing to match the variety
you get while travelling between Mumbai & Pune.

At the next station – Anagar, 6530 waited for us behind WDP4 20058 LHF. We were
halted at Wakav – for crossing Nagarcoil – Mumbai express which was powered
behind ED WDM3D 11106. After this the train did not halt for any crossing as
soon after, from Mohol, once again the double line territory started.

After taking the 90 Deg. curve at the entry to Solapur from Pune side, we
arrived at PF1 at 13:40. Another huge crowd waited to board the return leg of
this train.

The next day – 27th I was part of similar crowd albeit not so big but
nevertheless large.

I reached SUR station at 13:50. by which time the loco – WDM3A 14036 – a baldie
(I got a company) had reversed and was attached to the train. I went ahead and
photographed the loco.

A young guy was also seen with his mobile phone camera. We eyed each other with
same curiosity – which was later resolved at Daund when he asked me whether I am
active on IRFCA. With mutual introduction, I learned that he is Harsh Dinesh. He
was on the excursion to Solapur to experience the 0113-0114 journey.

0114 departed SUR at 14.00 sharp. In no time, we were doing 90 Kmph or more. We
reached Kurduwadi at 15:00 where 6529 waited behind WDP4 20056 LHF.

We left after a quick halt of 4-5 minutes. The train had it’s next halt at Jeur.
Then we stopped at Bhalvani around 1545 hrs. for a crossing. After a wait of
about 5 minutes a lone WDG4 came from Daund and passed towards KWV.

Perhaps taking this as an insult, the LPs blasted the train towards Daund
arriving there at 16:35. In the meantime a Moula Ali Diesel led Usmanabad -
Hyderabad express crossed somewhere.

At Daund, I got aquainted to Harsh and showed him some of my rookie photos. We
talked about a few train-things. The green was given at 16:50 and we started our
last lap. Now the rush of crossings on the adjacent line started.

First one was Mumbai – Nagarcoil behind it’s ED power. I hope it was 3D 11106
going by the normally observed link. Another train crossed soon afterwords
behind a Pune Power. I & Harsh resolved it to be the Gyan Ganga to Varanasi.
Following Gyan Ganga was 7031 behind twin WDG3s.

Near Uruli, 1077 sped past to Jammu. Soon the NGP Garib Rath crossed about 10-12
minutes behind Jhelum. We slowed down in Ghorpadi Yard – perhaps the Mumbai
Intercity was occupying the platform space.

As we crawled below the bridge near INOX multiplex, a packed with people Hutatma
Express or Solapur Intercity (folks from Solapur mostly refer to it as Intercity
Express) began it’s journey to our origin behind its ED WDM3A 17xxx.

We came to a halt on PF2 at 18:05. Folks travelling to Mumbai were present in
large numbers to board the train which dons its new Avatar as 1022.

After bidding goodbye to Harsh I concluded my journey with another long travel
by Pune’s very own PMPML bus – another long waited event for me.

Hope you enjoyed the trip with me. I shall try and upload the photos after I
figure out the procedure.

Thanks for your patience.

Material provided by Milind L. Kulkarni, Copyright © 2009.