Loco Details

Loco No. 170
Loco Class ZDM-3
Sub Class A
Shed Name(code) Motibagh, Nagpur (MIB)
Manufacturer Serial Number
Manufactured Date
Manufacturer Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW)
Loco Name
Status In Service
Old Loco Class
Livery Orange with yellow band
Comments Vacuum brakes only

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Loco Details Change History

Loco Detail Changed From To Date Spotted By
livery Orange with yellow band 2010-11-25 Dan Cross
Sub Class A 2010-11-25 Dan Cross
Comments Vacuum brakes only. Vacuum brakes only 2010-11-25 Dan Cross

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ZDM-3A #170 which brought us into Nainpur is now actively doing shunting activities. This loco kept us entertained with its brisk actions. (Harish Kumar)

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